What Happens if a DUI Driver Injured You? 


You might discover that your injuries are more severe than you first thought in the consequence of an accident caused by a DUI driver. If this is the cause, you need to call a DUI lawyer right away. Accident damages and injuries involving cars occur every single day around the world. Every year, DUI drivers are to blame for a lot of vehicular accidents. \Tampa DUI lawyers are committed to helping victims recuperate their damages from the DUI driver.  


What’s a Civil Lawsuit? 

In case you’re injured because of an accident caused by a DUI driver, you’ve got the legal right to sue the insurance company of the driver. This is particularly true if they decline to provide you a reasonable settlement. A professional DUI lawyer will follow a court action if required. However, this does not often occur. Also, in the process of going to court, there’s the matter of poor publicity that the company and their client will get. Also, it is in your best interest to negotiate a settlement since they’ll get the payout a lot sooner in the form of a settlement.  

What’s a Personal Injury Claim? 

In case you’re injured in a vehicular accident caused by a DUI motorist, a DUI attorney might suggest filing a personal injury claim with your insurance company. If you pursue this path with the help of a professional attorney, you will have a better chance of getting the maximum settlement possible. If the insurance company of the driver directly deals with you, possibilities are high that they won’t provide a reasonable settlement. This is particularly true if no professional DUI attorney is involved during the process.  

On the other hand, the insurance company will probably negotiate properly and pay you the settlement that is fair and just if there is a DUI attorney who is representing you. 

Is There a Possibility for Criminal Charges for a DUI? 

The driver might be in custody currently or else released on bail until the next appearance in court if he or she was accused of a DUI by the responding authority. Felony and misdemeanor are the two main categories for a DUI.  

It does not mean that their charge will stay as such if the driver is charged with a misdemeanor DUI. The truth is that their charge will be changed from misdemeanor to a felony if there’s evidence showing that their actions caused the accident and injured you as a result. They might face additional charges because of your injury. A DUI lawyer that you will hire will have a detailed perspective about this because of their knowledge about your situation. Reckless driving is another charge that can be included. This is a severe charge. The DUI driver may be charged with car homicide or manslaughter if another person suffered a fat injury. You should know that you’ve got the legal right to pursue a civil lawsuit or a personal injury claim against the DUI driver, regardless of what criminal charges are charged against them.